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"Protection Rapprochée""garde du corps""bodyguard""Le Pen""Sulitzer""officier de securite"
I can offer you close protection 24/7, anywhere in the world. Having learned Middle Eastern protocols. In France, we are renowned for being specialized in the protection of valuables and the protection of people against personal threats.
Today, mastering security is no longer a luxury but a necessity.
Whether you are careful, threatened or notorious, I am able to offer you all the serenity you deserve to live your life without worrying about your safety. The current climate demands absolute harshness, and I have it.
Trained by one of the creators of the famous gspr (Security Group of the Presidency of the French Republic), and judged by one of the members of the elite unit of the French gendarmerie GIGN (Intervention group of the National Gendarmerie ).
You like to leave at the last minute, we are already installed, just ask.
I am trained in the finesse of human relations, the art of hospitality and the mastery of social and cultural codes. I am trained to exceed your expectations.

thank you for what you sent !



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